Watch and Tie: Knot Your Average Pairing


We’ll start by letting you in on a secret: there’s more to your suit than, well, your suit. The whole ensemble falls somewhere short of inspiring unless you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, or in this case, found the perfect watch/tie pairing to impress in any situation.

Another secret—one watch and one tie knot does not a gentleman make. It takes a bit more to look the part in any situation. You’ll need to experiment with a few watches and another couple of tie knots to figure out what really maximizes your style—and maximizes your life in the process.

That’s what this is all about—maximizing your life. Sure, you can show up to every event with the same watch and tie knot. In fact, odds are that nobody will notice or care if you do. But at the 5am Life, we want to do more than go unnoticed.

Let’s face it, though, most people only know how to tie their ties one way, if at all (if you’re still trying to rock a clip-on, this post is definitely for you). As we know, style reflects who we are, so adding a few more moves to our repertoire can only help us grow.

Luckily, we’ve provided a guide that should not only educate, but inspire all 5am.ers to try (or tie) something new. Below are 5 of our best watches, accompanied by the tie knot that goes with it like fine wine.

The Bellwether Rose Gold + Black, Paired with the Four in Hand

Our classiest watch with an ageless knot. The Bellwether Rose Gold + Black should be a staple for every This watch will look great anywhere, but is most at home on the red carpet.

A timeless timepiece such as this one can only be paired with the most versatile and tasteful tie knot out there. The Four in Hand is the most popular tie knot for a reason—it looks good. With the Bellwether Rose Gold + Black, it will look right.

The Chrono S Blue/Black, Paired with the Prince Albert

Classy, but with a touch of flashy, the Chrono S Blue/Black is just as comfortable on the links as it is in the board room.

Featuring the Roman phrase, Veni, Vidi, Vici on the caseback, the Chrono S Blue/Black was designed with one purpose in mind—to help you conquer whatever obstacle is in your path, and to do it with style.

The Prince Albert functions in a similar way. It’s classy enough not to get you thrown out of the country club, but has enough of a wild side to raise a few eyebrows. Pair the Chrono with the Prince, and you’re guaranteed to end every day, and night, with a win.

The Kairos Black + Rose Gold, Paired with the Trinity

An understated flair pairs well with an overstated splash of extravagance. The historic Italian marble of the Kairos is subtle, but can still turn some heads. Without making too much noise, it still manages to be the classiest and most distinctive watch in the room.

The Trinity, on the other hand, signals to the world that you mean business. Or that you mean to party. A knows when the time is right for both.

The Bellwether Silver + White, Paired with the Windsor Knot

Forget the country club, the Bellwether Silver + White makes everywhere you go feel like the yacht club. Unless you’re actually at the yacht club, in which case it makes you feel at home.

The Windsor will win an approving nod from the venture capitalist across the table, but it won’t be out of place when you stop for drinks on the way home. With the Bellwether Silver + White, you have a deadly combination.

The Chrono S Silver/Gold, Paired with the Pratt Knot

The watch of a scholar, paired with the knot of a PhD. We’re not saying the Chrono S Silver/Gold will make you smarter, but we’re not not saying it, either…

The Pratt Knot falls somewhere between the four in hand and the Windsor in terms of thickness, and makes every conversation you have while wearing it feel like a cocktail party with the dean of the philosophy department. This watch and tie combo will take you to the top of the class.

Why it All Matters

We’re not faces in the crowd. We’re 5am.ers. Our goal is to stand out from, or rather, to stand above, the crowd. That’s why a seemingly persnickety thing like your watch or tie knot is important: because you’re meant to be a cut above. But you already knew that.

That’s why you’re here.