The Ultimate Guide: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Admittedly, referring to this post as “The Ultimate Guide” might be a bit extreme, but rest assured, should you follow each and every point presented on this page, you’ll be lightyears ahead of many who actually have a fairly decent idea of what they’re talking about—crazy, huh?

How on earth could this be? With this one, the answer is really pretty obvious—confidence. To exude it, you must either be an expert within a specific field or naturally have a way with both verbal and non-verbal communication. And if you’re lucky enough to have both, even better.

For the purpose of today’s conversation, however, we’re going to assume that you’ve swung and missed on both fronts—not only do you not know what you’re talking about, but you’re not the best communicator, either. Sound familiar? If so, your ticket to greener pastures is simple …

“Fake it ’til you make it.” You’ve heard the saying before, right? Basically, the idea is that, if you’re confidently able to play the part of who you want to become, soon enough, you’ll get there. It’s not a foolproof plan, but if you’re desperate for success, it’s a good place to start.


The Quick Tips & Tricks You Need to Get By

Whenever you’ve got a problem, there’s a good chance you take to Google to find a timely, yet efficient solution. Should you be on the lookout for a few quick, easy-to-implement ways to give off the appearance of confidence, Google will likely produce a few of the following:

      • Smile – Confident people are always in control. As such, no matter how trying the circumstance, they always make it a point to be both positive and friendly. Even if you’re struggling on the inside, the best way to project happiness is through a well-timed smile.
      • Stand Tall – It doesn’t matter if you’re Muggsy Bogues or Gheorghe Mureșan, stand tall. By so doing, you’ll project confidence. But don’t stop there—while standing upright, toss back your shoulders and lift your head, too. Why else do you think superheroes do this?



      • Eye Contact Whether during an interview or an a date, we’ve all felt the need to scream loudly when continued eye contact makes things feel awkward. To present your most confident self, hold it, looking away when natural breaks occur in the conversation.
      • Speak Strongly – Be honest, here—are you a mumbler? If so, try and make a conscious effort to speak louder than you normally would, while making certain to not take things too far. If this makes you nervous, pay attention, ask questions and give control to others.
      • Dress for Success – It’s a bit of a buzzphrase in today’s day and age, but for a good reason—if you want to feel your best, look your best. And don’t try to make too strong of an impression with your attire—whatever makes you feel confident, wear it proudly.

Pretty obvious stuff, huh? As far as we’re concerned, though helpful in their own right, the above tips and tricks are more common sense than anything else. Use them, but know now that up-and-coming 5am.ers just like you have access to more than the stuff Google readily sends their way.


The Meat of the Matter: 5 Hard-Hitting Hacks to Project Confidence

Interested in gaining access to the good stuff? That’s what we thought—below, you’ll find another round of useful hacks. The only difference? Distancing themselves from those mentioned above, these confidence-cracking tidbits are fresh, hard-hitting and relatively new to the game:

1) Silence Is Golden

Are you somewhere you clearly don’t belong? Are you surrounded by people with more to offer than you? Instead of saying something dumb or embarrassing, simply keep your lips closed. Besides, the best way to learn while also presenting a position of power is to listen intently.

2) Details, Details, Details, etc.

Faking brilliance until the real stuff comes along is easier when you’ve got a detail or two in your back pocket. Trust us on this one—no matter if you’re at an event, party or conference, should the need for you to prove your credibility arise, you’ll have a detail on hand to help out.


3) Choose Your Style, and Then Own It

Style is everything—we can’t emphasize this enough. Contrary to what most clothing vendors would have you believe, it doesn’t matter how much your wardrobe costs, all that matters is that you own it. Your appearance does a great deal towards defining you and the role you fill.

4) Everyone’s Your Friend—Let Them Know It

Of the points mentioned on this list, this might be the most powerful—the more people see you mingling with influential types, the more desirable they’ll find you. Think about it—if you’re always busy with others, you must have something to offer. In the end, however, you benefit.

5) No Matter What Comes Out, Be Confident In What You Say

Do you know what it’s called when a gifted person speaks with confidence, yet says something incorrect? It’s a mistake. Do you know what it’s called when a nervous, wannabe know-it-all says something incorrect? It’s ignorance. Everyone makes mistakes; ignorance is inexcusable.

With Confidence In Your Corner, You’re In Complete and Total Control

At all times, please keep in mind that the fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality isn’t meant to deceive. Moreover, it’s a strategy that was likely used by many of your mentors to get to where they’re at today. Care to follow in their footsteps? Clint to each of the above strategies, and you will.