The True’s Biggest, Most Pervasive Fear

Fear is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

If you think about it, it’s one of the strongest behavioral motivators on the planet.

For some, it’s enough to cause them to fork over their hard-earned cash to voluntarily seek it out at a movie theater, amusement park or haunted house.

For others, though, it’s an invisible weight that’s heavy enough to keep them from getting out of bed, flying on a plane or simply having a pleasant conversation with someone.

Yes, there’s good and bad to the hair-raising emotion, but for the sake of today’s conversation, we’re going to focus on a fear-inspired emotion that meets at the crossroads of the two—regret.

Coming to Better Understand Regret

Regret is the feeling of disappointment that accompanies answers to the following question:

“What if I _______?”

Taking things a step further, there are two types of regret:

      • Professional education, career, money, opportunity, entrepreneurship, etc.
      • Personal friends, family, love, travel, adventure, spontaneity, etc.

… both feed off of each other, ultimately determining your ability to fully experience life.

Regardless of the kind or regret you’ve felt, are feeling or are likely to feel in the not-so-distant future, by no means is it an emotion you want to live with …

Here’s the good news, though—for every night that it’s caused one of its fortunate victims to toss and turn, when used correctly, come morning, it brought about real, immediate action.


Sure, you can opt for what most do, choosing to use regret as a last-ditch educational tool to save yourself from the doom of an insignificant life …

Or, you can do things the way any reputable would by harnessing the seemingly negative to create and maintain personal motivation, while also using it to push, inspire and uplift those around you.

After all, genuine success isn’t self-centered—it’s focused on changing others for the better.

Use Negative Emotion to Fuel Your Motivation

Whether you like it or not, at some point, regret is bound to be felt.

When it’s your turn to face down the feelings of what could’ve been, how you respond will heavily affect the future success (or lack, thereof) you’ll see.

And if you’re new to all of this, no worries.

Below, you’ll find a simple, three-step formula for using the negative potential of regret to provide you with the motivation you need to become a seasoned

      • Step #1, Give Yourself Time to Think Be it over a long weekend or while away on vacation, give yourself time to think about where you were, where you’re at and where you’d like to be. Introspection is the first step to manufacturing motivation.
  • Step #2, Feed the Fear of Regret – As you make a habit of thinking about personal progression, regret will begin to creep in. Don’t push it away, though—feed it. Dive headfirst into negativity, embracing what future failure could potentially feel like.
  • Step #3, Take Immediate ActionOf this process, this is by far the most important step. Negativity left alone is paralyzing. Negativity met with action, however—powerful stuff. Better yet, if there’s something you know you’ve been putting off, tackle it first.

The more frequently, comfortably and profitably you’re able to replicate this process, the greater your capacity to turn the tables on negativity, using it for personal growth, instead.

The end outcome? Regret is soon overcome entirely with the results you regularly produce.

Bringing It All Together

Serving as a type of fear, regret give its sufferers one of two options:

  • Crippling Contrition
  • Action-Inducing Motivation

On paper, the decision is an easy one.

In practice, though, when it comes time for you to take emotional, mental and physical flight, the easiness of the decision begins to blur …

Are you really willing to give your life all you’ve got?


Whatever you decide to do, let’s be honest, here—life is awesome.

Naturally, it’s got its ups and downs, but the inside of each has too much to accomplish to let it slip away—there’s no time like the present to become your best self.

Choose today to make it happen.