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Sam Ovens: From Dusty Garage to Manhattan Highrise

Here at The 5am Life, we’ve heard our fair share of rags-to-riches stories. And you know what? There’s not a single one from which we haven’t drawn immediate inspiration.

Fortunately, ours is an audience filled with energetic entrepreneurs, hopeful hobbyists and genuinely passionate people.

Because of this, when a special, one-of-a-kind story comes along, we can’t help but share it with those set on maximizing the one shot at life they’ve got.

Care to hear the story of someone just like you who’s made it big?

That’s what we thought—meet Sam Ovens.


You’ve read those incredible stories about gifted whiz kids who figuratively fall out of the womb making money, right? Well, believe it or not, Sam’s story isn’t one of them …

In fact, it all started with Sam getting hit over the head with one of his biggest fears—failure.

Things didn’t start out bad, though. Just like everyone else, he’d gone to college, landed a couple of solid internships and found a great job early on in life.

The only problem, though?

It didn’t take long before he looked around the office and noticed that he was surrounded by people who’d spend two, three and even four decades working the same nine-to-five job. The thought of becoming one was enough to convince Sam that it was time to for a change.

Remember that whole “failure” thing? This is where it comes into the picture …

Young, inexperienced and dirt poor, Sam made the knee-jerk decision to quit his job and move into his parents’ garage. There, he planned to start a reverse job board of sorts.

The good news? That’s exactly what he did.

The bad news? Along with his next two business ventures, it fell flat on its face. Instead of calling it quits, though, Sam decided to turn his untimely failures into learning opportunities.

Yes, it would be his fourth attempt at entrepreneurship, but if others were able to bounce back from failure, why couldn’t he? Soon, Sam launched his fourth company—a business consulting firm.

In just five short years, he’d built a name for himself, become a leader within the digital marketing space and made over $10 million. Needless to say, he’s ditched his parents’ dusty garage for a sky-rise apartment in the heart of Manhattan—all the before turning 26 years of age.

But what about you?

What does Sam’s success story have anything to do with helping you become a 5am.er? According to Sam, no matter your interests, hobbies or passions, to make it big, you’ve got to continually work on three things:

1) Make Your Personal Brand a Priority

Yes, there are a multitude of business gurus who feel that building a personal brand isn’t worth your time and effort—Sam isn’t one of them.

In his mind, building a personal brand not only gives you credibility, but increases your ability to connect with potential followers. Maintain a blog, be active on social media and, if applicable, seek out public speaking engagements.

2) Develop the Habit of Reading Good Books

Education needn’t necessarily be linked to making money. Regardless of whether or not you plan to monetize your passion, to be the best, it’s key that you never stop learning.

The best way to do this? Read good books.

In fact, before Sam launched his own consulting business, he knew next to nothing about sales, strategy, marketing and accounting. After having read over 100 books about each subject, though? He was no longer the student, but the expert.

As such, people paid him handsomely.

3) Learn to Deal With Rejection

The bigger you become, the more likely you are to face not just rejection, but heavy rejection. It’s because of this that, when first starting out, it’s important to learn to deal with rejection.

Those who feel sorry for themselves rarely make their dreams a reality …

On the flip side of things, however, if your’e able to channel rejection into a drive to be better, there’s no telling how high you’ll climb.

What Story Will You Write?

Sam’s story is awesome, but guess what? There are thousands of them out there just like his …

As promised, we’ll make certain to bring you many of the best ones. That said, more important than the success stories you consume is the one YOU are writing.

So, where are you at? Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if you’re halfway done or still working on the introduction, as long as you’re moving forward, you’re one step closer to greatness.