‘Play Hard,’ or Die Trying …

Are you familiar with the term dichotomy?

Basically, a dichotomy is a line of division that separates two things that are seemingly incapable of coexisting. As such, they’re usually opposites—the following are a few of them:

      • Good vs. Evil
      • Real vs. Imaginary
      • Savage vs. Civilized

Furthermore, the traditionally minded tend to toss another example around:

  • Work vs. Play

You can already see where this is headed …

As 5am.ers, we’ve all done our best to embrace the whole “work hard, play hard” mentality, but with a reputation to maintain, deadlines to uphold and people to support, could it really be true that a decision must be made between the two?

Good news—not in the slightest.

You Deserve It—Live for the Here and Now

In both social and professional sectors, you’re a leader—people look to you for direction.

That said, as a tried-and-true influencer, you too are entitled to matching your workplace output with as much fun-filled madness as humanly possible.


There’s a time for work and a time for play.

Still, when all is said and done, the memories you’ll take with you from this life will likely have little to do with email blasts, staff meetings or an up-to-date LinkedIn profile …

It’s the fun stuff that will stand the test of time.

Prepare to Let Loose Through Hard Work

Almost seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Seriously, how could hard work possibly be the best way to prepare for unbridled diversion?

Truth be told, it’s a psychological thing …

5am.ers just like you have built their individual identities around constantly being one step ahead of their fiercest competitors. Because of this, they’re the first to get to the office and the last to leave.


Yes, this is a great mindset to have, but it often keeps go-getters from enjoying the life they’ve worked tirelessly to obtain …

Don’t allow this to happen to you.

If you’ve beaten yourself to a bloody pulp for six straight days, you’ve earned the right to enjoy the fruits of your labor …

      • Buy something you don’t need.
      • Eat something that’s awful for your body.
      • Go out and get into trouble.

Do whatever it takes to shake up your routine.

Trust us on this one …

Because of it, come the following week, you’ll be better equipped to conquer the world.

Moments Are Fleeting—Live Them to the Fullest

The story is often told of a wealthy man—what he wanted, he had. Thanks to his hard work, he was able to lead a life most could only dream of.

He knew he was in control—or so he thought

One day, upon visiting the doctor for a routine checkup, he received unexpected news—he had terminal cancer, and was given three months to live.

Outraged by the news, he vowed to travel the world to seek out the finest doctors. Seeing as how his money had bought him everything he’d ever wanted, why would his health be any different?

One month later, he passed away.

At his funeral, a close friend of the deceased man’s family struck up a conversation with a woman who’d come to pay her final respects.

During the exchange, she asked, “Do you happen to know how much wealth he left behind?”

“All of it,” he replied.

Regardless of whether or not the above story is true, one thing is for certain …

Time is a man’s most precious commodity. No matter his tax bracket, job title or professional accomplishments, he can’t gain access to more of it.

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Should you work hard? Absolutely—as a 5am.er, you’ve proven that you can.

In the end, however, the true substance of a successful man is the life he’s lived—not the hours he’s punched down at the office.

Case in point? “Play hard,” or die trying—there’s no better way.