5 Things Men Can Do to Dominate First Impressions

It’s generally accepted that the first time you meet someone, you have about seven seconds to make a lasting impression. That’s it—that’s all it takes. Amy Cuddy, a psychologist at the Harvard Business School, and her colleges have been studying the art of first impressions for over a decade. As such, they’ve determined that first impressions come down to two simple judgments: Can I trust this person? Can I respect this person’s capabilities? Their research has found that 80 to 90 percent of a first impression relies on these two snap judgments. Most would assume that competence overrides trust as the most important factor, but according to Cuddy’s…

The hour when legends are either waking up or going to bed.

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What It Truly Means to Be a 5am.er

In the age of social media, reality television and “Netflix and chill,” the concept of manhood seems to be on an ever-sliding scale of sorts. What does it mean to make it? What kind of man are you? Before you answer, ask yourself—are you a 5a.m.er? If you’re happy with the status quo, surround yourself with naysayers and have dreams, but lack any real ambition or drive, the answer is a resounding “no.”  ‘No’ is Never Given Consideration Neither is laziness. Or excuses.  5a.m.er’s are go-getters. They wake up  with a sense of urgency and purpose. They know that nothing in life is handed to them. As such, they make…