How to Use Personal Style to Get Ahead

“Look good; play good.” Now, the correct version of this saying should be “Look good, play well,” but we’ll let the grammar slide a bit in favor of catchiness. The point is, the way you present yourself is a reflection of your goals and motivation.

You may have been told not to judge a book by its cover, and this is good advice. But as much as we want to believe otherwise, first impressions matter. In fact, second impressions matter, too. Looking your best shouldn’t just be for a job interview or a first date, it should be an everyday thing.

Not only are you going to be judged by others based on the way you present yourself, you get a personal boost by knowing you look the part of the person you want to be. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want, right?

A huge part of the 5am lifestyle is about living a maximized life. Curating the proper style is one of the best ways to get started.

Accessorize Like a Boss

As a, you’re not a caveman; you’re a gentleman. And as a modern gentleman, you should look the part. Don’t be afraid to accessorize a bit. The accessories you choose to add to your wardrobe are some of the best ways to implement your personal flair into a classy ensemble.

Finding the perfect tie or adding a bracelet shows confidence, creativity and individuality. We can guarantee, this won’t go unnoticed. So throw on some funky socks, strap on one of these watches, show the world that you mean business.

A Good Fit is Worth A Million Bucks

Whether your suit cost you $80 or $8,000, the first and most important thing people will notice about it is fit. This same principle goes for every article of clothing you buy. A in a correctly-fitted pair of sweatpants will look more impressive than a businessman being swallowed up in his suit.

You’d be amazed at the impact that well-fitted clothes have on your appearance. The way your clothes fit you is much more important than the name on the inside of the collar. So when it comes to buying clothes, it’s better to save a bit on the price so you don’t have to skimp on the tailor.

Keep it Clean

Honestly, we shouldn’t have to say this, but we will. Your personal style can only have the desired effect if what you wear is clean and well-pressed. Unless you’re a bull rider, or maybe a park ranger (both awesome jobs), you should always be looking fresh and clean.

Again, this hearkens back to the impression others will have of you. Fair or not, the way you dress projects an image of your goals and work ethic to the world. Odds are, you won’t get too many opportunities offered to you if you don’t look like you’re up to the task of handling them.

Work With Your Environment

Let’s say you have a deep and unabating love for scarves. That’s fine—unless you live in Phoenix. No matter how great something looks in the store, or even in front of your mirror, it won’t look good if it’s got you covered in sweat by the time anybody actually sees you.

The opposite is also true. If it’s snowing outside, you’re going to have to bundle up a bit. Switch out a silk jacket for a wool one, and find a pair of good boots. Part of what makes style fun is having to be creative and to work to adapt it to the elements.

Be You

All of the above tips are just peripheral information to the most important fact of personal style—it’s personal. Dress like the version of yourself that you want to be. Imitation won’t get you anywhere, but being yourself will open up a world of opportunity.

No matter what field you’re in, you won’t get far by just following the trends. Who doesn’t remember Kanye rocking that pink polo, and where would we be today if Armani hadn’t introduced the world to the power suit?

The point is, don’t be afraid to be different. As a, your differences are what make you succeed. Get a good feel for what you like to wear, and what limits you can afford to push, and then push them. 5am.ers are bigger than trends, they’re individuals—and they dress like it.

A Final Word

Listen—you can dress however you want. What we’ve laid down here are some guidelines that will set you up for success. But when it comes down to it, you’re a; you know who you are and what you stand for.
Be bold; be different; be out there; and always dress like a leader. After all, that’s what you’re working for, right?