NOW Is the Time to Take Flight

From choosing what to have for breakfast to determining whether or not it’s time for a career change, decisions are made on a daily basis. Some of them are small, and some of them are not-so-small—still, there’s no avoiding them …

Seeing as how decisions are routine part of the everyday human experience, have you ever taken a moment to reflect on how you behave when it comes time to make them?

Perhaps you’re a confident, spur-of-the-moment thinker, having little to no issue making a decision and sticking with it no matter the outcome. On the flip side of things, however, maybe each of the following is more often the norm:

      • You’re terrified of making the wrong decision—and the consequences, thereof.
      • You spend tons of time making decisions. Not just big decisions, but all of them.
      • You analyze every single option a decision presents before coming to a conclusion.
      • You’re incapable of making quick, knee-jerk decisions. You need time to think.
      • You routinely miss out on excellent, one-of-a-kind opportunities.

If the above bullet points paint an accurate picture of the mental battle that often takes place in your head, you’re likely struggling with what’s known as “analysis analysis.”

Basically, analysis paralysis is the state of regularly overthinking things. It’s crippling in that, in the end, no decision is ever made—can you see the problem, here?

Anyway, up to this point, the bulk of this post has focused on making decisions …

It goes without saying that making the right ones is important, but to help you more fully embrace the lifestyle of a, we’re going to divert from our emphasis on decision-making, retargeting it towards something more worthwhile—taking timely action.

Below, you’ll find four highly effective ways to help you break the bonds of analysis paralysis, choosing instead to take complete control of your life:

1) Always Keep Your End Goal In Mind

Believe it or not, though geared towards helping future 5am.ers take action, the first tip on our list is entirely mental—always keeping your end goal in mind.

Think about it—armed with a firm grasp of where you’d like to end up in the future, it’s that much easier to stop thinking, and start doing.


With your end objective squarely in place, the stepping-stone actions that are used to get there start to be seen for what they really are—small, relatively insignificant tasks.

Do this correctly, and you’ll soon replace pressure with enjoyment as something truly brilliant begins to take shape.

2) Choose What You’ll Do, and Get to It

Remember those “small, relatively insignificant tasks” of which were previously made mention? En route to accomplishing your goals, there are going to be tons of them.

So, how do you know which ones to tackle first?

Fortunately, the solution is easier that you might’ve thought—just pick one, and get to work.

Seriously, forget efficiency—you’re more concerned with doing, than thinking. Besides, don’t you remember? The latter was the very thing that got you into this predicament in the first place.

3) Set a Deadline, and Start Working

Time is a’s most precious commodity.

As such, you simply don’t have enough of it to overthink things …

With time being relative and the importance of decisions being unique, there’s no one rule for setting a deadline, other than you must be working heavily with them.

(Image #2 – insert image of a hand holding an old-school stopwatch)

As an up-and-coming, it’s impossible that you experience personal progress if the projects you’ve outlined for yourself aren’t seeing similar levels of growth.

Set a deadline. Work tirelessly to meet it. Enjoy the feeling of having accomplished something.

From there, it’s a matter of rinsing and repeating—nothing more.

4) Perfection? Forget About It!

If you’re looking for perfection, we’ve got bad news for you—no matter how hard you try, at one point or another, you’re going to fall flat on your face.

Here’s the thing—generally speaking, the types of people who look for perfection are petrified of making mistakes. And while their pursuit might seem at least somewhat admirable, there’s one giant problem …

They can’t be perfect.

Ironically, their fear of making mistakes has led them to pursue the one course of action (or inaction) with a single guaranteed result—failure.

Makes sense, right?

So, as opposed to worrying about being perfect, identify perfection for what it really is—an unattainable outcome. Forget about it, and focus on what matters most—individual excellence.

Stop Thinking; Start Doing

Average people are dreamers. Exceptional people dream, too.

The biggest difference between the two groups, though? Execution.

There’s no better way to maximize your potential than to seek development through firsthand fire. Step outside of your comfort zone. Make mistakes. Get into trouble very now and again.

Yes, you might be initially uncomfortable, but you’ve only got one life to live, and there’s no time to waste with in-depth analysis and fear. Stop thinking; start doing …

NOW is the time to take flight!