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7 Unique Things All 5am.ers Should Have On Their Bucket Lists

Life is full of adventures! At least it should be. Of course, that’s entirely up to you. Life is also short. No matter how many years we get on this planet, we could always do with a few more. The best we can do is maximize the time we have and make sure we didn’t leave anything on the table.

This is where your bucket list comes in. You know how it works—you just put together a list of incredible things you want to do before you, well, kick the bucket. Part of living a maximized life is filling it with experiences you’ll never forget.

Aristotle said, “Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for goals.” Not only will your bucket list provide you with experiences you’ll always remember, it will motivate you every single day to work hard and set goals.

In fact, that’s what makes putting together an epic bucket list an essential for every 5am.er. Not only should we be taking advantage of every opportunity to do something incredible, we should make every day meaningful as we work towards something bigger than us.

Everyone’s bucket list should be different, of course. You know what you’re into, and you should tailor your bucket list experience to match who you are. With that said, though, we’d like to recommend a few inclusions to your bucket list that every 5am.er should do while they have the chance.

1) Zero Gravity Flight

Have you ever wished you could fly? Of course you have. Have you ever wanted to go to space? Same answer. Now you can—sort of. While commercial space travel is actually becoming a reality, it’s still the playground of billionaires. Zero gravity flight, however, is an option for anyone willing to save up for a little while and run the risk of puking in front of their friends.

Zero gravity flight will let you experience weightlessness, just like you’re hanging out in space. It should be near the top of anyone’s bucket list, because there’s just nothing else like it, unless you’re already an astronaut. In that case, you might be fine without it.

2) Go to Machu Picchu

In addition to being nestled in the Andes Mountains, one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges, Machu Picchu itself is one of the most picturesque and unique places you’ll ever see. In fact, picturesque might not be the right word, because no photo will ever do it justice.

If you choose to get there by hiking the Inca Trail, and you should, you’ll be able to take in miles of beautiful and historic sites, like Patallacta, a large Inca site near Machu Picchu itself. This is a must-see, so get there while your legs still work.

3) Go to Cathedrals of Sports

Some of these new stadiums with 5 star restaurants and shopping malls inside are nice, but there’s something special about sitting down to catch a game with a hundred years of history sitting next to you.

Think about how many emotions are living inside Wrigley, Fenway, Lambeau, or Old Trafford. There are generations of memories in those walls, and, believe it or not, those walls can talk. So do yourself a favor and go be a part of the living history inside of these sports cathedrals.

4) Learn Another Language

Learning a second (or third, or fourth) language is more than just a cocktail party trick, and it’s more than just making sure that the French people you meet won’t turn up their noses at the sound of your American accent. Learning a new language will make you a smarter and more well-informed individual, which is something that each 5am.er should have as a goal.

Learning a new language will connect you with other cultures, it will prepare you for your travels, and it will simply give you a more powerful mind. Best of all, it will cost you either very little or nothing at all to do. Which is nice if you’re still saving up for that zero gravity flight.

5) Go to Iceland

If you haven’t realized by now that Iceland is more than just the home to the villains from Mighty Ducks 2, let us help. From beautiful towns to stunning ocean views to breathtaking mountains, Iceland is a must-add to any 5am.er’s bucket list.

While you still have a spring in your step, you should absolutely put going to Iceland near the top of your travel list. When you go, though, make sure you’ve bought a non-refundable, two-way ticket, because the only problem with going to Iceland is that you might not ever want to come back.

6) Reconnect With an Old Friend

Each of us probably has a great friend from when we were kids that we’ve lost touch with. Often, it’s for simple reasons—you went to college in different places, or took different career paths. But if someone in particular pops into you mind while reading this, it’s a good sign that the two of you should catch up.

Every 5am.er should know the importance of loyalty and connection to the people close to us. We owe it to ourselves and to those around us to reach out and reconnect with someone who, to be honest, we shouldn’t have fallen out of contact with in the first place.

7) Attend Holi

You may know Holi as the Festival of Colors. It’s a Hindu spring festival meant to honor Krishna. It’s also a chance to make connections with people you’ve never met, and get an idea of just how similar we all are.

As fun as Holi can be—and it’s truly a blast chucking handfuls of powdered chalk at friends and perfect strangers alike—it’s also a way to really get down and understand that we’re all equals. In fact, this is exactly what your bucket list should accomplish—it should make you a better person.

There’s No Time Like the Present
Wherever you are right now, that’s where you should get started working on your bucket list. If you have to save up, save up. If you have to commit to upping your game a bit, good. This list should be full of goals that will push you to be better than you’ve ever been before.