6 Tried-and-True Tips to Help You Better Embrace Adventure

Normally, when you think of adventure, your mind is immediately taken away to some distant land filled with primitive people, dangerous animals and a host of treacherous situations, right? We’re the same. Truth be told, though, in its most real sense, adventure can be very different.

Contrary to what the likes of Bruce Lee, Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne taught us while growing up, adventure needn’t have anything to do with risking life and limb. In fact, according to just about every dictionary on the planet, adventure is about the “exciting” and “unusual.”

Don’t get us wrong—nothing’s cooler than a cross-country motorcycle trip, backpacking Machu Picchu or swimming with stingrays in some remote, tropical location—when you get the chance to do anything of the sort, take it. Still, adventure can be more of a common occurrence, too.

And with good reason—the more you engage in authentic adventure, the better. Studies have shown that adventure is capable of improving an immune system, keeping minds mentally sharp, boosting self confidence, sparking exploration and helping individuals overcome challenges.

Almost makes adventure sound good enough to eat, right? That’s what we thought. Furthermore, having proven yourself as a genuine 5am.er, you know better than most that life was meant to be maximized. Below, you’ll find five tried-and-true tips to help you better embrace adventure:


1) Define What ‘Adventure’ Means to You

Yes, this post’s introductory paragraphs were written with the intent to define “adventure.” That said, for every person, the word will ultimately mean something slightly different. Is there a pit of poisonous snakes in your backyard? If so, for you, adventure might mean wading through it.

For the rest of us, however, seeking out exciting and unusual experiences might mean something slightly less intense. Changing your major, investing in a new stock, asking a certain someone out for an evening of fine dining—it its own right, each is a type of bonafide adventure.


2) Every Day, Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

You know that feeling you get right before falling down the backside of an intense rollercoaster? If it’s been a good while, there’s this pit that develops in your stomach right before gravity takes over. For those that fully embrace adventure, it’s a feeling they simply can’t seem to live without.



On the flip side, however, if you’re a person who prefers to pass on the thrills and spills offered by most amusement parks, this tip is for you—learn to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s hard, but just like that initial fall, the aftermath makes it well worth your while.


3) Learn to Genuinely Enjoy the Normalcy of Life

Mike Tyson was once famously quoted as saying, “People who are only interested in having fun cannot accomplish anything.” Hold the phone, though—seeing as how adventure is commonly associated with laughter and death-defying diversion, how could any of this actually be true ?

Here’s the deal—relatively speaking, the number of days you’ll find yourself traveling the world, readily participating in acts of high-octane adventure will pale in comparison to those spent firmly entrenched in your regular, run-of-the-mill routine—this is reality for most people.

And while a maximized life is the pursuit of all devout 5am.ers, the greatest of tragedies often occurs when people spend the majority of their lives wishing away the time that’s been given them. Get out and explore, but true adventure often means making the most of what you’ve got.


4) Embrace Wholeheartedly the Excitement of Novelty

More often than not, adventure comes down to one thing, and one thing alone—learning to value novelty. Whether they be new people, places or experiences, novelty injects precious energy into the typical human experience. No matter how big or small, make a real effort to appreciate it.



Let’s face it—to a painful fault, life can be both predictable and monotonous. To rid yourself of the routine into which far too many fall, seek out opportunities to experience something new. If that means parasailing in Oahu, do it. If it means taking a new way to work, do it all the same.


5) For Adventurists, Intentions Trounce Goals In Importance

Crazy talk, right? Not so fast—we’ve got our reasons for such a strong statement. By no means do 5am.ers look the other way on goal-setting—it keeps them focused, diligent and accountable. Do keep in mind, however, that adventure embodies getting beyond the rigidities of structure.

Putting an education on hold to launch an innovative app doesn’t make sense. Heck, neither does taking the longer, more scenic route to the doctor’s office—it doesn’t matter, though. Adventure is about living out internal intentions—oftentimes, these don’t align with well-defined goals.


6) Identify Individual Strengths, and Use Them to Your Advantage

Everyone has unique talents and abilities. And before you go rolling your eyes, please know now that our intention isn’t to turn this post into an after-school-special right before wrapping things up. We bring this up to help all people further enhance the adventures they soon plan to take.



In short, what works for one well-established 5am.er might not be a hot ticket idea for one of a more up-and-coming nature—there’s no right or wrong way to go about doing things. What matters most is that, operating in your areas of strength, you continue to push yourself.


There’s No Time to Waste—Adventure Awaits …

Thankfully, 2017 is freshly upon us. If ever there was a time to flip the script on the life you’ve always known, reaching far and wide in pursuit of more memory-making adventure, it’s now. Don’t let life pass you by without having given it all you’ve got—make this year your best ever.