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How to recognize Persian rugs

At first glance all Persian rugs may look the same, or at least similar, but when it comes to opening the wallet everyone wants to be sure of making a good investment , avoiding any possible scam like the plague. How then to recognize a true craft work from a fictitious copy produced on an industrial level?

By following these simple tips you can avoid being duped by fake dealers , who focus their business exclusively on making money more than the quality of the service offered, and take care of the price above any good commercial rule which is based on the honesty of the parties .










Persian Rugs

Try to fold the carpet on itself and carefully observe the arrangement of the fleece threads. If it is an authentic piece, handcrafted, you can clearly distinguish every single knot, given by the clean rotation of the fleece threads around the warp threads. Unlike the industrially produced rugs where this level of detail can not be reached, since the machine is not able to spin the fleece around the weft and therefore makes it come out directly. If unfortunately someone could cheat you, in the long run you will realize that you are dealing with a fake, because the resistance of a knotted thread is clearly superior.

Best Rugs

Important elements in determining the value of a carpet


To have maximum security of the presence of the nodes check the back of your carpet, from which the bonds must be evident. We also want to remind you what are the most important elements in determining the value of a carpet: size, material, age and state of conservation, origin, variety of motifs, density of knots, as well as richness and variety of colors. Check the edges and fringes of your carpet. If handcrafted, it will present a level of definition and attention to detail that a machine, however precise, will never reach.


How to Arrange and Store Persian Carpets

Although there are some products designed and made to be walked on, after being laid on the floor, it is advisable not to expose a particularly delicate and expensive carpet in an environment too frequented or exposed to the danger of staining like a dining room or the nursery . In this guide we will see how to arrange the Persian rugs in the most suitable way and what is the right method for storing Persian rugs, without damage, when they are put aside for a certain period.